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Butterfly Fantasy Premium Key

2 usd

This live wallpaper releases swarm of butterflies that flutters merrily on your home screen!****** DO NOT DELETE THIS APP *****This app is a premium key that is required to change the various settings for Butterfly Fantasy Live Wallpaper. Various settings can only be changed when opening the setting screen of Butterfly Fantasy Live Wallpaper app while the premium key is installed. *Please make sure not to uninstall this app after the purchase.
In order to use Butterfly Fantasy Live Wallpaper, Butterfly Fantasy Live Wallpaper app must be installed.
Butterfly Fantasy Live Wallpaper******
You will never get bored watching the butterflies that changes their way of flying depending on the mood. When you touch on the screen, the swarm of butterflies will start to gather around the touched area. After gathering at the area, some butterflies will stay there for awhile and some will fly away. You can enjoy a realistic movement of the butterflies as if they are really alive!
Enjoy the fantastic standby screen by making the swarm of butterflies that occasionally change their movement as your wallpaper!